My processes and services
will empower you and your business
to produce successful outcomes
and sustainable financial results!

The ‘One Man Band Business’ Workshop | Sat, 27th Oct 2018 | SYDNEY


Business, Consulting & Accounting Services


All business, consulting and accounting services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our clients.

Business Services Include:

Business Mentoring

Business Advisory

Business Support

Business Planning

Business Setup

Accounting Services

Accounting Setup

Forensic Services

Budgets & Cashflows

MYOB Related Services

Management Consulting

Business Organisation

Processes & Procedures

Structures & Systems

Custom Business Tools

ATO Related Services

ASIC Related Services

Audit Related Services

Challenge Resolution

Business Training

Personal Services


All personal services for individuals (non business) are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our clients.

Personal Services Include:


Goal Setting

Financial Budgeting

Financial Planning

Debt Reduction

Future Planning

Personal Organisation

Change Assitance

Critical Relief & Recovery


If you feel that things have gotten into a mess and you don’t know where or how it has occurred and you need someone to investigate on your behalf, I offer one on one services to do so and to help you structure your business so that everything flows easily moving forward. Here are 3 examples….

Accounting Services


Are you trying to make sense of a tangled web? Are the dots just not connecting? Are you struggling to get to the truth underneath what is being presented on the surface? Are you seeking accurate information and clarity?

Audit, ATO, Compliance
Reporting Challenges


Are these a challenge for you and your business that flows onto being a challenge for your accountants, auditors, staff and board? Have you just fallen behind and want assistance catching up? Do you just need some know how?

Business Restructure
Overhaul – Revamp


Has your business stalled? Do things feel overly complicated and cumbersome? Does your business need a rejig, jump start or reinvigorating? Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do and just don’t have the time?



“Anita’s workshop really changed how I see my business. Before I attended LEVEL 1, I had an idea about my business but I did not know how to make my first step. After the workshop, I have gained clarity of what I want to create. The best is I no longer drag it. I now look forward to working on my plan each day. Without her, those ideas would still be in my mind without any direction. I cannot thank her enough for presenting this powerful workshop at the perfect timing.”
Start Up / HONG KONG
I very much appreciated the workshop, the rhythm and the insights I received. I like your style and way of presenting things. It clarified the point I was missing. I would certainly recommend this workshop to others.
Business / HONG KONG
"When I have a business problem or conundrum, I call Anita! She has helped me solve a wide range of business issues quickly and effectively."
Public Relations / NSW
"I engaged Anita for two very different requirements and was overwhelmed by her ability to clearly see a direction through what appeared to me to be chaos. She is a magician! She was also able to guide me strategically and successfully through a complex and difficult negotiation with a range of stakeholders in an industry organisation which hugely reduced my stress and allowed me to maintain my momentum and focus through a difficult period. I would highly recommend Anita’s services which are unique and diverse."
Real Estate / VIC
“Anita is excellent at seeing the bigger picture and what is needed to manage all the details involved in that picture. Her ability to grasp the essentials of our business and her cheerful way of restoring order out of chaos made this a pleasure for us all.”
Mentor & Facilitator / VIC

Anita Pavlovic

I work holistically, dynamically, intuitively and technically.


All my work is tailored and customised specifically to address
the needs of my clients and to enable and empower
successful outcomes and financial results.


Over the past 22 years my clients have included
everything from Start-ups to ASK Listed Companies,
Non Profit Organisations/Associations which have
spanned a wide variety of industries and challenges.


Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Forensic Accountant,
MYOB Certified Consultant, Business Assurance Services,
Systems & Solutions/Troubleshooting Specialist.


more information coming soon…..


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